Message from the Board of Directors

2007 is a special year for us as we celebrate Emirates Investment & Development (Emivest) 10th Anniversary. With the mission to provide credible investment that contributes to the economic, human resource and environment progress, we are privileged to have partnered with leading businesses on local, regional as well as global level.

The rigorous due diligence, investment structuring, corporate governance deployment, human capacity development and value chain alignment across the partnering entities create a much larger holistic gain that greatly surpass the sum of all.

Emivest and its partnering companies have embarked on an aggressive 3 year vision of growth to achieve by 2009. The unique, differentiating and interconnected strategies set forth, enable advancement on investment, governance, workforce and finance.

We operate across different industries such as manufacturing, education, horticulture to name a few. We operate across different countries in the Gulf, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our model of services spans from solution commissioning to fast moving consumer good. Currently the total number of the workforce at Emivest and subsidiaries span 1900 employees.

The responsibilities entrusted by the shareholders, the insight and indulgence extended by the executive team and utter dedication by the staff members have blended in profound way to provide a proven and sustainable growth.

The challenges encountered inspire us for optimization, betterment of the governance model, and work force mobility to create more opportunities for cross business, integration and synergy

By going through Emirates Investment and Development website, the reader shall be able to position Emivest as a preferred partner on funds, private equity, services, supply chain of goods and expertise as well as integration of existing businesses with an insight to lead and excel.

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